Anti-cellulite geothermal cream



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anti-cellulite* geothermal cream

, Sodium Chloride/Bromine/Iodine geothermal water based with the addition of a very concentration of active ingredients, is a complete treatment to counteract effectively cellulite imperfections (caused by accumulation or lymphatic stagnation).

Active Ingredients
Aqua (Water, Sodium Chloride/Bromine/Iodine Thermal Water), Caffeine, Carnitine, Cysteic Acid, Guaraná Seed Extract, Butcherbroom Root Extract, Tea-Hydroiodide, Escin, Fucus Vesiculosus Extract, Horse Chestnut Seed Extract, Calcium Pantetheine Sulfonate, Cysteic Acid, Ivy Extract, Vitamin E, Tripeptide-1.



anti-cellulite* geothermal cream

 ,Sodium chloride/bromine/iodine geothermal water based, with the addition of a very high concentration of active ingredients, is a complete treatment to effectively fight cellulite and fat accumulation from lymphatic stagnation.
It is based on an innovative mechanism with three simultaneous actions:

1) a slimming** complex (carnitine, guaraná, caffeine, calcium pantetheine sulfonate, cysteic acid) fosters the reduction of localized fat deposits under the skin, improving the “orange peel” appearance

2) a multifunctional complex (butcherbroom, caffeine, tea-hydroiodide, ivy, carnitine, escin, tripeptide) stimulates the micro-circulation, facilitating the drainage of excess fluid

3) the optimal synergy of the ingredients acts on the prevention, fighting against imperfections.

Results: “orange peel” gradually reduced, skin more elastic and toned.
Specific for cellulite.

*Against cellulite imperfections.
** Slimming consists in a cosmetic remodeling action during use that does not involve weight loss.

• Decrease in extracellular water: 60%1
• Improvement of micro-circulation: 55%1
• Reduction of “orange peel”: 85%2
• Skin more elastic: 85%2

1) Study conducted on 20 volunteers after 60 days of use: % of subjects that showed improvement. Study developed on the active ingredient.
2) Self-assessment by 20 volunteers after 60 days of use.

For extended or recurrent cellulite: intensive treatment, morning and evening on the affected areas for at least 6/8 weeks.
For initial or moderate cellulite: daily application, preferably in the evening, at the peak of accumulation of toxins.
Light, non-greasy, it absorbs perfectly with an upward and circular massage. Perfect if used after an intense scrub with the geothermal body scrub; excellent in combination with specific abdomen treatments (belly&hips hot effect gel and belly&hips massage cream) for a global redefinition of the silhouette.

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200 ml


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