75 ml

Barrier hands cream

protect your sensitivity

Ideal for all skin types

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The barrier hands cream contains sulphurous geothermal water, with softening and soothing properties, and is designed to intensively rehydrate the skin surface of the hands, alleviate any inconvenience, nourish the skin every time there is cracked or if particularly exposed to external aggressions (climate, heavy work, detergents aggressive). In it[...]

Sulphureous Geothermal Water, Vegetable Glycerin, Olive Oil, Allantoin, Bisabolol, Vitamin E.

Apply daily, as often as needed. It absorbs instantly; non-greasy and non-staining. For the everyday hygiene of the hands, is recommended the use of the soap with geothermal cleansing mud, geothermal spring water or geothermal plankton.

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