200 ml

Geothermal micellar water

reveal your cleanest beauty

Ideal for all skin types

Price: 18.00 €


The geothermal micellar water, alcohol-free and sulphurous geothermal water based with a purifying and lenitive action, daily cleanses, re-balances and relaxes the skin, in a simple gesture, preparing it quickly for subsequent treatments. Conceived as an extremely pure product, it is a viable alternative to traditional cleansing with milk and tonic[...]

Sulphureous Geothermal Water, Cornflower Water, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Arginine, Allantoin.

Dab delicately over face and neck with a cotton pad previously soaked with geothermal micellar water and remove impurities. Proceed with the application of the cream or subsequent treatments, depending on your skin type and age.

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