600 gr

Geothermal relaxing salts

melt the stress away

Ideal for all skin types

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The geothermal relaxing salts contain a high concentration of geothermal bath salts that give to the bath water specific relaxing and remineralizing properties. Once dissolved in the bath, they create a particularly charged saline solution, which develops, during the immersion, an intense osmotic effect, optimal to favor the recall of liquid under [...]

Sodium Chloride.

Pour a handful of geothermal relaxing salts into the bath tub and allow them to dissolve into the water. Perfect both for a bath at a cool temperature (about 37 °C) or for a warmer immersion, for those who prefer a de-contracting effect. After the bath, moisturize or nourish the skin with the usual cream, depending on personal skin requirements: n[...]

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