Hydro-restoring shower cream



200 ml


The hydro-restoring shower cream contains sulphurous geothermal water based and vegetable active ingredients that improve the physiological state of the skin, it deeply cleanses the skin while respecting its natural balance, leaves it very soft and counteracts the unpleasant “tight skin feeling” caused by hard water.

Active ingredients
Sulphureous Geothermal Water, Complex Of Oligoelements, Ulva Lactuca Algae Extract, Enteromorpha Compressa Seaweed Extract.

The hydro-restoring shower cream is presented as a very specific body cleanser: the combination of a high percentage of sulphurous geothermal water and vegetable active ingredients that improve the physiological state of the skin, creates a very gentle washing base, non-aggressive and low foaming. It promotes an effective cleansing respecting the proper balance of the most sensitive skins. The hydro-restoring shower cream is also suitable for baby’s delicate skin. The presence of an ecological and desensitizing algae complex promotes a particularly smoothing and softening action, specific for all cases of localized or diffuse dryness. It is excellent fighting against “tight skin feeling” generated by hard water. An oligoelements complex adds a mineralizing component and specific lipo-restoring ingredients protect the skin barrier from the impoverishment of its surface. Even the most sensitive skins regain their natural comfort from the very first moment thanks to the gradual re-balance of the hydro-lipid barrier, and thus, it provides a pleasant feeling of well-being and softness.
Rinsable SLES-free (Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate) product.
Specific for sensitive skin but suitable for all skin types.

Use under the shower on wetted skin like with a common daily body cleanser, generating a soft foam by lightly massaging. Rinse. Complete the treatment with the hydro-restoring body cream from the same “sensitive skin” line. The surface of the skin of the whole body will be perfectly protected and wrapped in a wonderful feeling of comfort.

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200 ml


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