400 ml

Remineralizing bath with geothermal plankton

immerse yourself

Ideal for all skin types

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The remineralizing bath with geothermal plankton, Sodium Chloride/ Bromine/ Iodine geothermal water based, is presented as an ordinary bath gel; it is enriched with a precious complex of minerals and oligoelements particularly skin affine. Thanks to the presence of plankton, whose composition is similar to the skin, it is rich in biological substan[...]

Sodium Chloride/Bromine/Iodine Geothermal Water, Complex Of Oligoelements and Plankton Extract.

Pour the shower bath into the tube with hot water: the skin relaxes and absorbs the active ingredients of plankton, like at the spa. For a faster gesture, use it directly in the shower. After the bath, moisturize or nourish the skin with the usual cream, depending on personal skin requirements: new density stretch marks cream to attenuate the prese[...]

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