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Soothing cream for legs and feet

lighten your step

Ideal for all skin types

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The soothing cream for legs and feet contains Sodium Chloride/Bromine/Iodine Geothermal Water with specific draining and re-mineralizing properties, combined with menthol and eucalyptus oils, natural skin emollients that stimulate the lymphatic and venous microcirculation, thus decreasing the heaviness. Thanks to these valuable natural ingredients,[...]

Sodium Chloride/Bromine/Iodine Geothermal Water, Vegetable Glycerin, Beeswax, Menthol, Menthyl Lactate, Eucalyptus Leaf Oil, Allantoin, Lactic Acid.

Apply at any time of the day, whenever is felt the need to give relief to tired legs and feet. Apply with upward movements, starting from the soles.
It is particularly relaxing in the evening to take a bath with geothermal relaxing salts before applying the cream: the synergy of active ingredients will be maximized.

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